Company Biography

Godavari Pulp and Paper Biography

Company’s Incorporation:

Godavari Pulp and Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd, was incorporated on November 08, 1994 as Private Limited Company under Companies act 1956. The Company initially set up as Waste Paper Based Mill for manufacturing Kraft Paper / Fluting Paper with an initial production capacity of 15 TPD with ONE Machine.

Company’s Augmentation over the Years:

With an initial capacity of 15 TPA the company has taken lots of efforts with several phases of innovation and machine expansion and an addition of 2.2 MW Turbine which resulted in the growth of production capacity from 15 TPD to 150 TPD.

Company Management:

GPPML was incorporated by Shri. Pankaj Mansingka – Director, on November 08, 1994. Since last Two and half decades he has been the motivational force for overall development of the company and grooming the team with his specialized knowledge about paper industry. He is B.A (Business Administrator) graduated from University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Company’s Ideology and Notion:

GPPML has been continuously delivering quality product by process upgradation and development with using new technology to maintain pace with changing requirements of the customers, to ensure that we give quality products at most economical price.

GPPML has exhibited its deep commitment to the cause of preserving the environment by adopting environmental friendly practices leading to energy conservation and savings. Detailed energy audits are conducted from time to time including all thermal and electrical equipment’s and various energy saving measures as proposed are implemented in a scheduled manner.

Implementation of some of such proposals has resulted into reduced power consumption (per ton of paper) which has added to the profitability and economic viability of the Company. The Company has also set up and properly maintained essential effluent control facilities as per the norms of The Pollution Control Board. We also have an ESP and maintain a exhaust SPM of below 50 PPM in our exhaust. We are also a Zero Liquid Discharge Unit.

Future Expansion Strategies:

Planning for expansion is very crucial characteristic to proliferate business throughout its existence. Since our business is committed to deliver the premier quality of paper at the supreme efficient prices to the market. The Kraft paper/fluting paper industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2018-2020. Currently we are producing 40000 TPA. By 2020 GPPML will expand its production to 100000 TPA by evolving and upgrading technology with additional equipment and machineries to accomplish the emergent demand in paper industry. 

Due to the current prohibition on import of unsorted waste paper from China and has been the largest importer of waste paper in the world has triggered rise in the cost of production. This prohibition has adversely affected the Kraft paper/fluting paper market in China, but has created an opportunity to export, along with reduction in global waste paper prices. GPPML is trying to expand further into Chinese market as well. 

Considering the above factors and growing export demand for Kraft paper/fluting paper, investment in increasing production is our top priority. 

There is a nagging perception that the paper industry is slowly dying with every emergent digital transformation. On the contrary, the demand is strong with the increase in e-commerce activities and other products that still need paper.